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Products and Services

Nuaim Corporation is a major distributor in the turf, landscape and golf course market in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.  We have 3 Divisions:

Our Turf Division carries the following products:

·Turf Fertilizers
·Turf Chemicals
·Wetting Agents
·Specialty Products for Turf and Landscape
·Soil Testing Services

Our Machinery Division capabilities include:

·Machinery Servicing, Repairs and Upgrading
·Spare Parts for Turf Machinery
·Refurbished Turf Machinery
·Turf Machinery Rental
·Contract Maintenance (for Machines)

Our Contract Maintenance Division provides the following services:

·Contract Maintenance for entire Golf Courses
·Contract Mowing
·Specialized Turf Renovation (such as verticutting, aeration, topdressing, etc.)
·Spraying of fertilizers, chemicals or wetting agents
·Pest and Disease Treatment
·Weed Treatment